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A black and brown puppy and orange cat resting on red stuffed hearts as concept for National Pet Month.

As a rescuer, you understand the impact animals have on society. They provide us with unconditional love and companionship, bringing so much joy every day. That’s why it’s worth observing National Pet Month. It’s the perfect time to recognize how pets contribute to our lives. Let’s explore what it is, why it’s crucial for your rescue, and how you can celebrate properly!

What Is National Pet Month?

National Pet Month is an annual holiday in May that’s dedicated to—you guessed it—pets! Specifically, it’s about acknowledging the role they play, promoting responsible pet ownership, and supporting pet adoption. This month-long event encourages animal lovers across the country to celebrate the bond between humans and their pets.

There’s some conflicting information about the event’s origins. A few sources claim it was established in the U.S. in the early 1980s, whereas others state it was created in 2006. Regardless, it’s become a widely recognized event in the U.S.

It’s no surprise National Pet Month has become a popular holiday. According to the American Pet Products Association, 66% of U.S. households own a pet. Of those who have pets, 97% consider them to be part of the family

Why National Pet Month Matters for Rescues

Like National Rescue Dog Day, National Pet Month is an opportunity for your rescue to get involved. With so many people and other organizations participating in the event, you can be part of something bigger. It gives you the chance to lend your voice to a worthy cause and enjoy several benefits in the process.

Here are some examples of why National Pet Month matters for rescues like yours: 

  1. Increased Visibility: Celebrating the event allows you to increase your rescue’s visibility online. By participating, you can reach a wider audience, attract potential adopters, and gain new supporters.
  2. Community Engagement: This month naturally encourages community involvement. Hosting events and sharing stories can strengthen your relationship with local pet owners and animal lovers.
  3. Education and Advocacy: You can use this time to educate the public about responsible pet ownership, spaying/neutering, and the benefits of adopting from rescues. That way, you can play a role in preventing more animals from ending up on the streets.
  4. Fundraising Opportunities: With heightened awareness, you can also boost your fundraising efforts, ensuring your rescue has the resources needed to continue saving lives.
  5. Enhanced Authority: By contributing to the celebration, you can demonstrate your authority in the rescue space and the animal welfare community. With enhanced authority comes increased trust, which is important when you want to bring in support for your organization. 

How Your Rescue Can Observe National Pet Month

A rescue dog wearing a bow and smiling up at people looking over his cage.

The great thing about National Pet Month is there are countless ways to observe it. But if you need ideas to get started, we’re here to help. Below are some activities to get involved and encourage others to do the same.

1. Organize Events for New Pet Parents

Setting up new pet parents for success is a great way to celebrate National Pet Month! Your rescue can organize events for those who have recently welcomed a new pet into their home or plan to do so. Some possible topics to cover include the following:

These can be held as virtual or in-person workshops—or both. Along with educating people about caring for pets, it’s an opportunity to expand your community and develop relationships.

2. Develop Resources for Pet Ownership

With responsible pet ownership being an important part of National Pet Month, it makes sense to provide as much information as possible. In addition to hosting events, you can develop helpful resources. For example, you could create a comprehensive guide with tips for choosing the right pet, nutrition recommendations, training advice, and more. Alternatively, you could break these up into separate blog articles or bite-size social media posts. 

Whatever you choose, make sure to distribute these resources through your website and social media channels. You can even direct people there during adoption events. 

3. Promote Pets Available for Adoption

Throughout the month, make it a priority to promote adoption. After all, you likely have many adorable and adoptable pets at your rescue. With so many people celebrating National Pet Month, you have a good chance of finding forever homes for them.

Use various platforms to showcase the animals you have available:

Encourage people to adopt so they can experience the joys of pet ownership firsthand! 

4. Host a Live Q&A for Followers

Engage with your online community by hosting a live Q&A session. You can do this on several platforms, including Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and YouTube Live. Another approach is to create an “Ask Me Anything” post on Reddit

During your Q&A, address common questions about pet adoption, animal care, and the rescue process. This interactive session can help potential adopters feel more confident and informed.

5. Create a Photo Collage of Rescued Animals

Showcase the success stories of your rescue by creating a photo collage. Highlight before-and-after photos of pets that have been adopted. Visuals can be powerful in illustrating the positive impact of your rescue work and celebrating National Pet Month. 

Share your collage on social media and apply relevant hashtags like #nationalpetmonth to reach more people. 

6. Encourage Followers to Share Their Pet Stories

Do your part to bring more people into the conversation about National Pet Month. Invite your followers to share their pet adoption stories and post pictures. Then, ask for their permission to feature some of these stories on your social media pages and website. By doing so, you can inspire other people to adopt. 

7. Share a Wish List with Your Community

This month-long event isn’t just about pets that have been adopted but those that are still in rescue or shelter care. So, encourage others to contribute to animal well-being by donating items your organization needs. Often, supporters want to help but aren’t sure what to give. You can make it easier for them by creating a set wish list. 

Include high-priority items like the following:

Share this list on your website and social media pages, and send it to those on your email list as well. Another way to get traction is to partner with local businesses to set up donation bins. Allow supporters to contribute either in person or through online platforms like Amazon Wish List.

Make Your Celebration Count!

National Pet Month is an incredible opportunity to celebrate the unconditional love that pets bring into our lives while raising awareness about the importance of rescue. By participating in this month-long celebration, you can increase your rescue’s visibility, educate the public, and find loving homes for your animals. So, embrace this holiday with enthusiasm and creativity. Your efforts will not only benefit your rescue but also help countless animals find the love and care they deserve!If you need help with animal rescue marketing, request a free consult today.