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Empowering Animal Rescues to Maximize Their Impact

We provide subsidized, low-cost, or no-cost animal rescue marketing services to help organizations boost their online presence, extend their reach, and increase funding so they can give second chances to more animals in need.

Driving Growth

Fueling Care

Saving Lives

Funding Limitations Hold Rescues Back

Most rescue organizations operate on a shoestring budget. They spend nearly every penny on critical areas such as transportation, medical care, and fostering. As a result, they can’t afford to invest in marketing, which is key to generating awareness and increasing donations. 

When resources are limited, rescuers are left feeling hopeless. They can’t help but think of all the animals experiencing cruelty and abuse that they can’t save due to lack of support. 

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stray dogs worldwide

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pets abandoned each year

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animals euthanized annually

Animal rescuers perform an important social service. They shouldn’t have to struggle to carry out such a noble mission. They deserve animal rescue marketing that helps them grow.


Transforming Compassion into Action

Applying the generous donations we receive from fellow animal lovers, Rescued by Rembrandt delivers much-needed support to rescue organizations, assisting them in fulfilling their mission. 

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Driving Growth

With animal rescue marketing, organizations can highlight their cause and expand their network.

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Fueling Care

In times of need, rescues can turn to us for emergency funding for surgeries and transports.

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Saving Lives

Backed by our team, rescuers are equipped to create happily ever afters for more animals.

Join Us in Supporting Animal Rescues

You have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of countless animals by supporting those committed to saving them.

Donate today and help us enable rescues to do more good. 

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About Rescued by Rembrandt

A Nonprofit Marketing Firm Built by Rescuers for Rescuers

At Rescued by Rembrandt, we understand the challenges rescues face in getting the support necessary to liberate more animals from the streets and find them forever homes. 

In fact, we’ve experienced them firsthand. We believe those who dedicate their lives to saving vulnerable animals should get the support they deserve. That’s why we’ve combined our rescue background and digital marketing expertise to provide a solution. 

We not only offer tailored marketing for rescues but also deliver our services at reduced, subsidized, or zero cost. On top of that, we allocate resources to provide emergency funding for essential surgeries and transports.


we can do

great things"

-Mother Theresa

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Rescued by Rembrandt Partners with
Viral Solutions

Rescued by Rembrandt is excited to announce a collaboration with Viral Solutions, LLC, a full-service marketing agency in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Viral Solutions has been around for more than a decade, working with businesses and nonprofits alike. The StoryBrand and DigitalMarketer-certified agency offers a comprehensive list of services, including SEO, paid advertising, branding, graphic design, and more. The Viral Solutions team will be supporting Rescued by Rembrandt’s mission to provide low-cost marketing services and emergency funding to animal rescues worldwide. To learn more about Viral Solutions, visit

Our Animal Rescue Marketing Services

At Rescued by Rembrandt, we offer a wide variety of animal rescue marketing services to our clients based on their unique needs.

We Work with Dog Cat Horse Small Animal Bird Private Large Animal Reptile Breed-Specific Rescues


Rescues can look forward to user-friendly websites based on their unique needs and branding.

Social Media Management

Organizations can get help maintaining accounts across platforms and growing their following.

Google Ad Grants Management

With our help, clients can qualify for and manage Google Ad Grants for greater online visibility.

Donor Engagement/
Fundraising Strategy

Working with us, clients can nurture donor relationships and maximize their fundraising efforts.

Volunteer Recruitment Campaigns

Rescues can implement campaigns to attract volunteers with the right skills and interests.

Communication Streamlining

Clients can apply recommended tools and guidance to improve efficiency and collaboration.

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