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Adopting a Rescue Dog: What You Should Know

A young brunette woman smiling as she hugs a shaggy cream rescue dog.

Are you thinking about adopting a rescue dog? Giving a forever home to an animal in need can be very rewarding. But there are several things to consider. Before making this kind of life-changing decision (for you and the dog), you need to be prepared. That way, you can look forward to a smooth and […]

National Foster a Pet Month: How to Promote Fostering

A tiny kitten being swaddled in a blanket and fed with a dropper by a foster parent.

June is National Foster a Pet Month—a time of year for highlighting the benefits of providing temporary homes for animals. If you run an animal rescue, you know how crucial it is to have a strong foster network. This month presents a great opportunity to connect with compassionate people who are ready to open their […]

Why Your Rescue Should Observe National Pet Month (and How)

A black and brown puppy and orange cat resting on red stuffed hearts as concept for National Pet Month.

As a rescuer, you understand the impact animals have on society. They provide us with unconditional love and companionship, bringing so much joy every day. That’s why it’s worth observing National Pet Month. It’s the perfect time to recognize how pets contribute to our lives. Let’s explore what it is, why it’s crucial for your […]

Crucial Contributions: What Do Animal Shelters Need?

A female shelter staff member feeding brown-speckled dogs in a caged-in area while another looks on.

Animal shelters and rescues play a crucial role in our society by caring for some of the most vulnerable creatures. The problem is they’re usually underfunded and overwhelmed, trying to provide for a growing number of abandoned pets. They rely heavily on the community’s generosity to keep their animals safe, healthy, and happy. And that’s […]

How to Use Google Ad Grants Effectively for Your Rescue

A young brunette woman on her laptop smiling at a dog sitting in a chair next to her.

Armed with Google Ad Grants and a passion for animal welfare, you can do a lot to bring in much-needed support. But your work doesn’t end once you’ve signed up and started to create ads. There’s a lot of responsibility involved when it comes to Google’s program. You need to understand how to use Google […]

How to Celebrate National Rescue Dog Day

A smiling woman bent down to pet a stray white and brown dog.

As a rescuer, you do more than save the lives of vulnerable canines—you share their stories with others in the hope of finding them forever homes. Your tireless efforts and unwavering dedication help pave the way to a brighter future for countless four-legged friends. And as we approach a special date on the calendar, your […]

What a Reputable Rescue Looks Like: A Guide for Supporters

A female rescue worker carefully holding a scared dog in her arms.

When you want to make a difference in animals’ lives, it makes sense to team up with a rescue organization. After all, they provide refuge, care, and love to those who need it most. Unfortunately, not all rescues are created equal. If you’re thinking about supporting or getting involved with such an organization, you need […]

Tailoring Topics for Impact: Google Ad Ideas for Rescues

A young blonde woman sitting outside on a bench with her laptop smiling at her rescue dog.

There are many advantages to using Google Ad Grants to promote your animal rescue—provided you use your free advertising credits wisely. That’s why we wanted to delve deeper into potential topics. By taking a strategic approach, you can come up with Google Ad ideas that grab attention, tug at people’s heartstrings, and drive action.  The […]

Are Google Ad Grants Worth It for Rescues?

An older woman in glasses with her head perched on her hand as she looks at her laptop.

Most rescuers are either unfamiliar with the Google Ad Grants program or assume it’s too good to be true. It’s unfortunate, as this resource can be incredibly helpful to those who work tirelessly to save the lives of animals in need. That’s why we wanted to provide a brief introduction and explain some of the […]

7 Unique Ways to Support Animal Welfare & Rescues

A brown-haired girl in a blue volunteer t-shirt petting a dog.

As an animal lover, you want to play a role in helping all the furry, scaly, and feathered creatures out there. After all, they deserve our care and protection. Unfortunately, you’re unable to open your home to every animal in need. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference! There are many ways to […]